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LONDON : 077 638 54508 

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Beckton CHiP Plant

Chartered Quantity Surveyors

July 2018


Project Value £100m GBP (Approx)


Project Overview:

A £100m Engineer, Procure and Construct project. This first ultra-efficient plant at Beckton, East London will provide up to 18Mw of electricity back into the National Grid and 1Mw of renewable heat to power Thames Water’s Beckton Waste Water Treatment Plant using recycled fuels derived from fats, oils and greases which would otherwise be waste products. Beckton CHiP is designed to generate low carbon, sustainable energy through pressure reduction stations in partnerships with gas network operators.
The CHiP plant is positioned around a 13Mw generation unit with engine, turbo expander and 2.3km private wire and the mechanical, electrical, control and instrumentation systems servicing the main plant and equipment.

* Process energy Quantity Surveying services provided in London


Naboh Cost Engineering Ltd were responsible for:

Compiling & Issuing Subcontract Tender Enquiries,

Internal Cost & Value Reporting,

Subcontractor & Professional Service Payments,

Subcontractor & Professional Service Requisitions,

Subcontractor Final Account Negotiations & Settlements,

Subcontractor Commercial Management,

Weekly Plant Returns & Plant Register Maintenance,

Attending Monthly & Weekly Progress & Commercial Meetings with the Employer and the Engineer and Compiling & Issuing Minutes,

Compiling & Submitting Payment Applications to the Engineer, Compiling Variation Quotations for Submission to the Engineer,

Drafting Letters on Claims & Variations for Submission to the Engineer, Compiling & Submitting Insurance Claim Notifications and Associated Costs,

FIDIC Form of Contract.


Beckton Energy Quantity Surveyor