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Crossrail Contract C305 – Thames Water Utilities Diversions

Chartered Quantity Surveyors

Jan 2015


Project Value £10m GBP


Project Overview:

The project involved the temporary diversion of 3No watermains and 1No. gas main for approx. 80m, alongside the A12 at Bow Interchange, to allow passage of Crossrails TBM beneath (Drive Z). Upon passage of the TBM, online replacement of the aforementioned services was undertaken. The project was undertaken with limited effect on the A12, one of TFLs critical routes.

Project Elements:
-Excavation of a sump chamber alongside the Wick Sewer (18m BGL) to accomodate over-pumping during the installation of a stainless steel liner by another contractor
-Excavation on Ham Sewer to a depth of 10m to provide a sewer over-pumping out-fall from the Wick Sewer over-pumping operation
-Excavation and Installation of 4No. sheet piled pits in extremely congested ground/locations.
-Construction of 3No. overhead (3m tall) steel ridermains 80 long. 2No. water (300 & 600mm) and 1No. gas (250mm)
-Installation of complex valve and thrust restraint arrangements due to the congested nature of the site (HV cables, LV cables, telecoms and live dual carriageway)
-Commissioning of ridermains
-Excavation and on-line replacement of existing 3No. watermains (36″, 24″ & 12″) and 1No.gas main (15″)
-Jacking of 800mm steel liner for 12m beneath existing retaining wall
-Commissioning of on-line replacement pipework
-Decommissioning of ridermains
-Removal of overhead ridermains
-Reinstatement in line with HAUC specification
-Installation of Kerbing, Footpaths and Paving

* Quantity Surveying and Estimating services for the utilities industry


Naboh Cost Engineering were responsible for:
Procurement of sub contractors,
Contract administration (NEC 3 Option E),
Cost management,
Material take offs,
Tender analysis,
Payment applications,
Measurement of Compensation Events,
Early Warnings,
Contractors Communications,
Site visits,
Settlement of rates,
Record keeping,
Liaising with main contractor,
Preparation of internal cost reports in the form of monthly liability reporting and monthly cost and value reporting.

This was a challenging project that required definitive management skills and a keen eye for the bottom line due to the cost reimbursable nature of the contract.


Thames Water Utilities Diversions - Crossrail Contract C305